John Heywood was an English author, born in ~1497 and died in ~1580.    He has many famous quotes, but one of my favorites is:

Many Hands Make Light Work“.

Sometimes a task is too difficult for just one person, even a few people to accomplish.  But, by working together – a large group can accomplish it much easier!

This page is dedicated to everyone that has a project going on and is looking for support (Like I needed during the Kickstarter Campaign for my board game).

If you have a project that needs support via Kickstarter, GoFundMe, Indiegogo, or even Patreon — email me at with the subject line of “TEAMWORK”  – I will review the project and post it here!

Everyone else – please review the projects below – and chip in if you can.  Remember – “Many Hands Make Light Work”.    If  we all chip in just $1 – it will help many of these come to fruition!!!


Lancelot’s Therapy Dog Training



Get Paid to Audit Theaters!!