Thank you for requesting to become a theater auditor!

If you are already registered with Verites, you do not need to sign up again.  This is page provides instructions to individuals wanting to become a theater auditor.

To receive email notifications about available assignments, please fill out the three boxes below, hit “subscribe”, and then check your email to confirm your sign-up.   This is important to receive notifications about available assignments!!


Also, to go ahead and register to work with Verites, follow these steps:

1. Open this file:    Form ICA.2016.0418.W9.Profile

2.  Complete the form, then save it, and  then email it to    You can fax it directly to Verites, but if you do – please email and let me know you faxed it to the home office, so I can expedite its processing.

3.  Please put “New Checker Request” in the subject line. <– this is very important, because I use Microsoft Outlook Rules to route the emails to the correct folder. Without this subject, I may not see the email!!

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Get Paid to Audit Theaters!!