A few years ago, I asked folks if they were interested in hearing about any side business opportunities that I discover… normally in the molds of network marketing opportunities.

I heard back from about 2 dozen of you. I forwarded along a few things that I found of interest, but I never signed up for any of them.

Now, I think I may have. It’s a company that sells high quality nutritional supplements that one of your peers is involved with. I’m going to order one of their products and try it for a month and if it does what it claims, I am going to sign up. Their main products fall into four categories: Skin Care, Weight Control, Immune System and Mental Acuity; and a “Balance” line of products designed to improve your body’s use of essential fatty acids.

Are you interested in getting details? If so – email me at tim4games@gmail.com – and I’ll get back with you. There’s clearly no obligation, but the fact you are here – means you do side gigs for extra revenue – so you’re not averse to trying new things! I like to jump into these things with 3 or 4 other people all ready to jump in too.