Confero Assignment #1

Hey everyone!

For being loyal visitors to – I wanted to find you more ways to make money.     This is just something I am doing on my own – and none of the opportunities on the MORE$$$ menu are affiliated with VeriTES in any way.   This is just something to help you make more money in your spare time!

See the note below regarding this opportunity! Like the movie assignments, they are most likely “first-come, first-serve”… so contact her quickly if you are interested.  Tell her I said “hi”  🙂


Confero Inc. Now has Oil Change Shops in your Area!

Shoppers are required to make a Pre-call to the location  up to 3 days prior to the visit just to ask “How Much for an Oil Change.”

On your assigned day you will go in and get the Signature Oil Change Service.

Shops take approximately 30 minutes and will pay anywhere from $35-$80 depending on your area!  Reports are submitted on the day the shop is completed.  A receipt is required!

We have these shops in AK, ID, IL, OK, MD, NJ, VA   – we especially need help in Fairbanks AK, Twin Falls ID, Alexandria VA, Culpepper VA, Front Royal VA, and Manassas VA.

Confero pays via PAYPAL or check (your choice) every 30-45 days.

Please visit our website at

Email me directly when you have registered and I will be happy to place you in the shop directly.  I look forward to hearing back from you.


Virginia | Scheduler
210-215-2905 (text only) w/Name and Shop Info



Thanks for checking this out and enjoy this assignment!!! 🙂



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