CASH APP is a program like PayPal to transfer money back and forth between your friends/family electronically.  

If you install the app and Register and Enter the code JXSJQCM when you sign up then we’ll send you both $5 when you try it!!!    Email me after you sign up, and I’ll even help you use it the first time, so we can each get our $5!!!

But, you have to remember to enter the code JXSJQCM – so that you and I both get the $5.

Five free bucks for trying it!!!!

.You can also get a free Visa debit card, so that if you need to use the money in your CASH APP account,you can use it anywhere Visa is accepted..

Not only that, but you have the option of saving your money in CASH APP as cash, or you can invest in BitCoins.      I’ve personally always wanted to try it, and bought my first $5 worth of bitcoins right after I signed up and used this for the first time.  

CASH APP is free to download for iOS and Android devices.

Just install the app – enter the referral code – and then email me – to let me know you got all signed up.

Try it – what do you have to lose?    If nothing else, get the free $5 and go by a cheeseburger!!!!

Enjoy Cash App!!


I hope to hear from you soon about it!!!!