So – what is VidAngel?  Only the coolest service ever.  For movie watching.      What is it?  It’s a streaming movie service that sends movies directly to your connected device, not unlike Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, etc… the difference?   The movies are BRAND NEW releases.    I’ve yet to see a movie in my Redbox, that isn’t on VidAngel.

But, not only can you watch newer movies – you can edit them to your hearts content.   There are all kinds of filters that can be applied.  Want to take out nudity?  check the box, and boom…no nudity shows.  Want to take out profanity?   You can check the box and remove all of it.  or, you can even get a list of curse words, and block certain ones.   You can block out violence, gore, tons of stuff.

And not just movies – but TV shows too.  I can finally watch Game of Thrones!!!!!!!

For the fun of it, I pulled up the movie DeadPool.   It’s a humorous movie, but it IS NOT FOR KIDS.    It’s 1:48 long.   I applied all 516 filters that were available – and the version was only 1:16 minutes long.

This is a must have for folks who like movies, but feel there is too much inappropriate content.   Now you can watch movies with your kids and grandkids, and not cringe!

So – how does it work?  Well – there is one “quirky” thing about it.  According to them, it’s “illegal” for you to filter a movie you don’t own.    You have to “own” the movie.

So, on your first viewing – let’s say you are going to watch “DeadPool” in Standard Definition.   You “buy” the movie for $20.  Your credit/debit card is charged for $20 – and the movie appears in your library of owned movies.

You then apply filter the filters that you want, if any, and hit “play”.

After the movie ends,  you can keep it longer, or hit the “Sell back” button.    When you sell the movie back to VidAngel, $19 is put in your VidAngel account. .. your net rental fee is $1.00.

They also have HD movies, and the net rental fee is $2.00.

Now, let’s say you want to watch “Star Wars Episode 4: A New Hope”  (they have QUITE a library available!!!) – your credit or debit card is charged for $1.00 and combined with your $19 credit – you now own a digital copy of this movie – and it shows up in your library.

Again, you apply filters, if desired, and watch the movie.   When you’re done, sell it back and the $19 goes back into your account.

I personally have watched 6 movies since I signed up for it 4 days ago, and I could NOT be happier!    Although I have always immediately sold the movie back,  I’m under the impression you can keep the movie for multiple days at only $1/day for SD (or $2/day for HD).

I did read in their FAQ that you can cancel your account at anytime – and whatever money is left in your account…gets refunded to you.

Personally?  I’ll never quit.   I go to the RedBox to get movies.  Sometimes what I want is already gone.   Standard Definition movies are $1.50.   And, I invariably get late fees for not remembering to take them back!  A few weeks ago I rented 3 movies – and ended up with an $11 bill when I finally remembered to return them.

Guys – This service lets me watch new releases without waiting in lines… cheaper than RedBox…  and I don’t even have to leave my house.

I am ecstatic.  If you watch movies and spend any significant money on renting dvds – here is a chance to save money.

If you want to watch movies without a lot of objectional material, this is the only way I know to do it – other than manually editing the film (which I don’t even know how to do!!!!)

Give it a try — you’ll most likely be glad you did.  And if not?  you’re  only out the $1.00 for a rental (if you rent a standard definition movie, and sell the movie back after your watch it)!

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