So, what is Shopkick?  It’s a very fun/entertaining app that gives you points for going into stores, or using your camera to scan bar codes on certain products.  You then redeem those points for prizes!

My wife introduced me to it, while were at the mall waiting for my daughter to get off work.  Now, everytime I go to the mall to pick my daughter up, I make a point to walk by all the stores giving Shopkick points.  I usually pick up 120 points a day  (more if I swing to the other end of the mall to go to JcPenney’s.  🙂  After about a week, I had enough points for $5 gift card at Starbucks.

So – try it out.  If you don’t like it, uninstall it.  I emailed this information out to about 30-40 of my regular checkers, and was amazed by how many folks were already using it.  Give it a try – and see if you like it.   Just click on shopkick logo below to try it!!!


If the image doesnt work – go here:


Get Paid to Audit Theaters!!