One of your fellow movie checkers told me about Ibotta – so, I had to check it out!

So –  because you’re on this site… you are like me. You like to find ways to save and make money.  Just $3/day is a $1,000 a year – I keep telling myself.

Rebates is a good way to make money – but who wants to go through the trouble of filling out all of the paperwork…mailing it in, and then waiting for a check in the mail?

That’s where IBOTTA comes in.   This is an app for your smart phone that lets you get rebates as you shop.  Literally.      You launch the App on your smart phone, and click on the store you’re in (or planning to go if you’re more organized than I am! 🙂  ).   You then see a list of items that are available for rebate.  You click on them to “unlock them”.   Some are as simple as “$0.50 on any gallon of milk”.

After you do your shopping, using the camera on your phone, you scan the barcodes of the product into the APP, and then take a photo of the receipt and load it into the APP.   And then, presto – the money gets added to your account.

Unlike other tools-  you don’t have to wait forever to get your money.   You can have a withdraw to PAYPAL when your account balance is $20.  There are other payment and gift card options – that Is just the one I use.

One of your peers suggested that she uses it all of the time- and she makes it easier at check out time, by doing two transactions – one with all of your non-Ibotta items, and one with all your Ibotta items.  I haven’t tried it yet – But that sounds very logical to me!

Try it out – the current promotion from Ibotta is that they will add $10 to your account after your first rebate.    So, it’s a near no-brainer to at least try it.   One or two shopping trips, and you have your $20 for your first disbursement of funds!!

Also, they have a “team” concept going on.    My understanding is that Ibotta tabulates all of your friends on Facebook thay are also Ibotta users.    During the month, if you and your friends reach certain collective levels of attainment, you ALL get a team bonus.  So, share this with your friends, because the more that use it, the more money you can make!!

If you want to add me on Facebook to have me as part of your team (and vice-versa) – my Facebook page can be accessed HERE.

To sign up – click on the picture below:



If the image doesn’t work – go here:  


Disclaimer – Ibotta has a referral program as well.  Currently, anyone you refer will cause you to get $5 added to your account after their first scan. So, by signing up here – not only will you get the bonus from the current promotion – I will too.   I didn’t want you to think I was trying to be slick and just make extra money.  Of course, if 200,000 of you signed up, I could be a millionaire.  🙂  Just sayin’.  🙂

Thanks and Enjoy!!!!!

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