In addition to making money, sometimes there are just opportunities to GET$$$.   Most of these come in the form of rebates or instant Savings you can attain while doing the things you’re already doing.

One of your peers reported getting over $100 back in rebates on Cyber Monday while doing Christmas shopping.  It was stuff she was going to be buying anyway – why not Get$$$ back??

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Ebates  – Signup! Get$$$ for joining – and use them to GET$$$ while shopping online!

Ibotta – Get$$$ while shopping! Scan your receipt from the grocery store and Get$$$ back! EASY!!

ShopKick – Get$$$ for just walking in stores.  Get$$$ for scanning barcodes of certain products.  Get$$$ for buying products you need anyway!!

Be Frugal – Get$$$ by using coupons and saving while shopping!!


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