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Guardians of Forthaven

Guardians of Forthaven is a new game designed by Tim Phillips.

Ten years ago, the King sent his army to build a fort at the kingdom’s border near the Dark Forest. Although near goblin territory, this fort became a safe haven for settlers. Since the fort was built, a settlement has grown around the fort. It is called Forthaven.

Over the years, there have been minor skirmishes with goblins, but nothing the troops couldn’t handle. However, Forthaven’s scouts have discovered a goblin army approaching. This army is so large, there is no hope to survive. The inhabitants of Forthaven have decided to evacuate and seek shelter in the nearest city until the King can send more soldiers.

During their retreat, they encounter a party of adventurers who volunteer to defend the fort until reinforcements can arrive.

1-4 players will each pick a champion. Choose from Paladin, Ranger, Barbarian, Cleric, Beastmaster, Shaman, Warlock or Engineer. Each champion has different abilities to use in the defense of Forthaven.

Can you defend Forthaven until reinforcements arrive???

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