REQ4126 – 12/15/17

Get Paid to Audit Theaters!!!   Go to local theaters and collect required information!!   Free to join!!! You do not need to purchase tickets!!!  Assignments available now!


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In order to request an assignment, you must be registered as a theater auditor. To become a theater auditor, please click here.

This assignment expires on 12/15/17


Date of Check: FRIDAY, DECEMBER 15, 2017

Deadline to enter data online: FRIDAY before 11:15 PM, DECEMBER 15, 2017.

Assignment Details:

  • Check the trailers FOR ONE SHOWTIME on ALL SCREENS for the features listed above. This includes all 2D, 3D and IMAX SCREENS/PLF.
  • List the seating capacity of the theater; give an approximation of how full the auditorium is, and a demographic overview of the audience.
  • List the trailers in the order that they play and provide your general impression of the audience reaction to each.
  • Review show schedule to ensure you have checked all screens needed to complete your check
  • Upon completion of your assignment enter your report online before deadline.
  • Must carry and present letter of authorization to theatre manager or guest services at check in.
  • MUST CARRY, and be prepared to present upon request, Photo ID (driver’s license; passport etc.).

Payment:   $9.00 for the first screen / 2.50 each add’l screen from 2-4 / $5.00 each for the 5TH screen and above


If you are in AK, HI, IL, IN, KY, NC, NY, OH, OR, SC, TN, WA or WV – and you are interested in completing this assignment – please let me know you’re available by following the instructions below.

To let me know you’re available for this assignment:
  • Send an email to
  • Put REQ4126  in the subject line <– VERY IMPORTANT!!!
    • In the body of your email put (a) your full name (b) your phone number (c) locations you’re available to perform this assignment, listed in the order of your preference to audit.
  • I will reply via email and let you know if the assignment is available at any of your requested locations, and will confirm you for the assignment the most preferred locations from your list.


If you are in any other state or Canada – email and I’ll forward your email to the appropriate scheduler.

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Get Paid to Audit Theaters!!