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Assignment details:

#4629 – FULL LOBBY CHECK ON FRIDAY – August 10, 2018


  • This lobby check is to be conducted on FRIDAY, AUGUST 10.
  • ALL PROMOTIONAL MATERIALS on ALL LEVELS including the outside of your assigned theater
  • Your assignment deadline is 11:00 PM  (PST) on FRIDAY, AUGUST 10
  • Upon completion scan and email your lobby check to lobby@verites.com or Fax to 800 443 6093
  • The 11:00pm deadline is strictly enforced


To Request this assignment:

  1. Send an email to ifd.phillips@verites.com
  2. Put the request number in the subject line (Must do to ensure your email is received)
  3. Include your name, and phone number
  4. Provide a list of locations at which you’d like to perform the audit in order of your preference
  5. I will confirm via email