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Do you like the available locations on a password protected page, being linked to from the Request Details page?




1.   Remaining available locations for projects will be posted under the request detail page, starting Monday evenings.  These pages are password protected – I’ll email the password when I set the page up.  If you need the password, just ask! 🙂

2.    Look for assignments under “current assignments”.   Locations aren’t posted since this is a publicly available site.   If you’re interested in an assignment – follow the instructions and list every location that you can possibly audit, listed in order of your preference.  I will confirm via email!

3.    Needing lots of help in a lot of locations – please visit the recruiting page and share .   If anyone wants to make a little money helping me recruit – send me an email subject of “RECRUITING”.


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About Us:

We are independent Schedulers for Verites to provide you opportunities to earn money while performing audits at local theaters!!


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