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  1. TWO requests for 09/28 have been posted – and this time, the menus were also updated so you could access them.  Sorry,  I posted the assignments last week, but didn’t notice the menu wasn’t updated until I went to take off the assignment for 9/21 this morning.
  2. There is an open check this week.   I’ll be emailing checkers that are possibly impacted.
  3. CONTEST – get ready for our first contest – with a prize for the winner!    Details will be on the site as well as on our facebook page.
  4. What I didn’t tell you about our Facebook page?     If you haven’t checked it, go like it at www.facebook.com/movieassignments   –  Meet some of your other checkers.   I try to put news items there and recruiting info – but haven’t been using it enough.   Will be trying to use it more in the future!  I can typically post news there from my smart phone in a matter of seconds, instead of updating the website or using mass email.   Check it out!
  5. Will be adding more items to the MORE MONEY section periodically over the next few weeks.   I’m using this as a repository, if you will, of ways to make money with the internet for another project I’m starting.  Check it often!   I did get the shares of stock from those two companies currently listed.  about $14 in free stock! 🙂     I’m just trying to get the nerve to sell it, and buy MOVIEPASS stock.   The way it keeps dropping, I don’t know if I’m going to do it or not.
  6. FREE FOOD!    Download the WENDY’s APP on your smart phone.  You can get a free single cheeseburger every day through the end of the month with any purchase.  Now, they added you can get a free harvest salad with any purchase.  Why turn away free food?   I’ll be going to Wendy’s every day for the rest of the month.  (8 days, at roughly $4 per burger – is $32 in free food).   I don’t know how much a harvest salad is, but I’ll be getting those too!    ENJOY!!!